Sexy and pouty lips


For a long time women admired full pouty lips. When Brigit Bardot first appeared on the movie screen women started using lip liners and tried to pout their lips like hers. Of course then there were no fillers or fat injections or lip implants to create those wonderful lips.  When Angelina Jolie appeared on the scene then again all went crazy over her lips. Well there is a new lip implant on the market which I have used quite effectively. It is made out of very soft silicone and is inserted into the lip through the mouth. There are No scars as a result of this procedure. The lips look superb as a result. You cannot feel the implant. The size of the lip will be based on the existing size and the size of the implant chosen.

you too can have sexy lips

you too can have sexy lips

Of course if one does not like the look then these implants can be easily removed. Patients love the look, the feel and the simplicity of the procedure. It can be done under local anesthesia with minimal bruising and a great result. Call the office and find out more about it. Of course there is no problem using silicone in the lips. It is worth it.

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