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Colen MD Plastic Surgery is a family of plastic surgeons based in New York City and Hackensack, New Jersey. Dr. Helen Colen, Dr. Stephen Colen, and Dr. Kari Colen bring a unique set of skills and years of experience to our patients. Our Manhattan office is right on Park Avenue and has a fully accredited (AAAASF-certified) state-of-the-art surgical facility. Colen MD’s New Jersey location is part of a larger hospital system and is centrally located for all of our Northern NJ patients.

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Colen MD Plastic Surgery is unique and stands apart from all the others. You may call it a fusion of ideas, from the classic to the modern, from the masculine to the feminine, from the quiet and private to the bold and explicit. It is a fusion of years of learning and experience and all that is new, hip and on the very edge of innovation.

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Breast Reconstruction

A diagnosis of cancer or other diseases effecting the breasts can be devastating. Our breasts are a big part of our womanhood. Today, however, there are more options than ever when it comes to breast reconstruction.

To learn more about your breast reconstruction options, schedule a consultation with your Plastic Surgeon. Our Board Certified Plastic Surgeons will work together with you to help you decide what option and technique may be best for you.

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Vaginal and Labia Surgery

Colen MD Plastic Surgery specializes in a wide variety of non-invasive and non-ablative techniques that complement the work of our plastic surgeons.

Cosmetic Tattooing

Permanent make-up is perfect for the busy person who has little time to apply make-up. The fact that permanent make-up is 100% water and smudge-proof makes it very appealing for the athlete who wants to look natural and those with oily skin whose make-up seems to disappear after a short time. Also, those with allergies to conventional cosmetics may benefit from the application of permanent make-up.

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